The Men in Blue Car Guard Initiative is a joint venture between the Parkhurst Residents Association, Parkview SAPS, our local Councilor Tim Truluck, and The 4thAvenue Traders Association.


The idea behind the initiative, was to formalize the informal car guards and ensure that each “Blue Bib” car guard has been interviewed by the representative from the Parkview Residents Association, registered and vetted by Parkview Police, and has no criminal record and is “clean” from drugs and alcohol. 


You can tell the Men in Blue from the others by their distinctive blue bib and by their official lanyard with their name and details showing that they have been approved by SAPS.


The Men in Blue are allowed to accept tips from people for helping them with their shopping, finding appropriate car spaces that do not obstruct driveways and for generally assisting people in the area.


The blue bib and lanyard differentiates them from the other car guards that have not been officially vetted and are generally not really wanted in the area so please be mindful when paying car guards and only tip the car guards in blue.


It also gives the general public a platform to set a complaint should the car guard in blue cause any issues. It will be taken up with the authorities.

Men in Blue